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The Fundamentals of Engineering Physics By Dr. Purnima Swarup Khare, Dr. Abhay Swarup

The Fundamentals of Engineering Physics By Dr. Purnima Swarup Khare, Dr. Abhay Swarup

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Key Features:
• The publication of Fundamentals of Engineering Physics is written with the objective of initiating deeper pursuit
   on the subject among readers.
• The book covers the complete course of Engineering Physics as per the curriculum of all the branches of Engineering of the
   Rajeev Gandhi Technological University of Madhya Pradesh (RGPV) and also most of the B.E. courses in India.
• This book is intended to meet the needs of engineering students, covers the topics included in the latest
   Engineering Physics courses.
• The course material is divided into twelve chapters.
• The subject matter has been developed in simplest possible manner keeping in view the difficulties and the limitations
   faced by the average students.
• The subject matter has been discussed both theoretically and mathematically in a systematic manner.
• The treatment is simple, lucid and comprehensive so that an average student can follow it independently.
• An attempt has been made to raise the level gradually from a relatively elementary to its more complex aspects.
• The text is supplemented by mathematical examples with the aim of giving the students a feeling for the magnitude of
   various quantities.
• To overcome the confusion and to bring confidence among the students exercises are given after each unit.
• This is the first book of Engineering Physics which covers the latest syllabus of RGPV and the back exercises are
   designed according to the revised format of question papers.

1. Quantum Physics
2. Wave Theory of Light
3. Diffraction of Light
4. Polarization of Light
5. Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Forces
6. Semiconductors and Nano-Physics
7. Lasers
7. Fiber Optics


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