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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘My Account’?

By entering a userId and password, you can create your own ‘My Account’ on ZoDepot. This Log-in enables you to manage/edit all your personal data like Address, Phone Number, Email-id, Change your password, Track the status of your order, etc. In short, it gives you complete control over your transactions. ‘My Account’ is accessible any time. At ZoDepot, we've made the system user-friendly so as to enable you to view and update your account and orders.

What is ‘My Cart’?

‘My Cart’ is your shopping cart into which you can drop all the products you wish to buy. Just like in a physical shop, ‘My Cart’ helps you browse through the store and keep adding all your desired products to the cart. Later, you can review the items before billing.

What is ‘Compare Products?

This feature enables you to compare two or more products of different brands and analyze features like price, brand, availability, rating, product summary and many more. By comparing thoroughly, you get to identify the best available product!

What is 'My Wish List’?

Every product on ZoDepot gives you the option “Add to Wish List”. This means you can save all your personal favorite items into this list, which will automatically get saved to your “My Account” page. Now that the product list is ready, you can buy them whenever you want.

What are ‘Special Offers’?

“Special Offers” are the seasonal discounts that you can avail on ZoDepot products. We offer you a wide range of products at a great discount.

What are ‘Gift Hampers’?

For special occasions and celebrations, we bring you the perfect boutique of “Gift Hampers”. We offer a wide range of gift hampers with different combinations best suited for you and your loved ones. You get the best deal at the best price!

How do I know if my order has been confirmed?

Once your payment has been successfully made, your order is processed immediately. We will send an e-mail to the given e-mail address confirming your order made with your Zodepot.com account.
In this mail, you will be provided with a
Unique Order/Track ID (Ex. OD01202130213)
Transaction ID (Ex. 286524413635370)
Along with these details will be listed our customer service reference, the list of item/s you have ordered and an expected time of delivery.

What are the payment options available at ZoDepot?

Here are the payment options we offer you!
•    Credit Cards (including American Express)
•    Debit Cards (including Maestro cards)
•    Net Banking (covering 44 banks)
•    E-Gift Voucher
•    Cash-on-Delivery

Zocampus.com Wallet

Zocampus.com and our trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to protect your card information at all times.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on zodepot.com?

Yes, shopping at ZoDepot is 100% safe. We ensure that all the Credit card and Debit card payments are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading Indian banks. ZoDepot uses the latest 256-bit encryption technology to protect your card details while securely transmitting (transferring?) it to the banks for processing the payment.

Furthermore, the banks ask you to enter an online password (also known as 3D Secure password) (Digit Secure password?) This 3D Secure Password acts as an additional layer of security for your card transaction. Please note that this password is NOT printed anywhere on the card but is created by you. It is known only to you, giving you the added assurance that only you can use your card to make purchases on the Internet. This makes your online shopping transactions extremely safe and secure.
You can be assured that ZoDepot offers you the highest standards of security currently available on the internet to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience.

What should I do if my payment fails?

In case the payment fails, you can do the following –
•    Retry the process
•    Recheck that the information passed onto the payment gateway is accurate, i.e. account details, billing address, password (in case of net banking)
•    Make sure your internet connection is not disrupted in the process
If your account has been debited after a payment failure, it will be rolled back after confirmation from the bank. It will take about 7-10 business days for the refund

Do you provide Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option?

Yes, we do offer the Cash on Delivery option for your orders. This means instead of making an online payment, you can conveniently pay the amount when the products are delivered at your doorstep.

What is the estimated delivery time of a product?

Ideally, the product should reach you within 24 hours (except on Sundays and Public holidays). However, certain products may take more than 24 hours.
Sometimes, we also part-ship certain products (of your order) as and when we have them with us. In such cases, we will intimate you each time we ship out your products.

Why are there different delivery times for certain products?

Yes, certain items will need to be sourced from distant distributors or even need to be imported. These products could take up to 8 days from the date of order.

How is the delivery done?

ZoDepot has partnered with DTDC Couriers & Cargo Ltd, one of India’s largest domestic deliveries network companies, to ensure that your products reach you within the scheduled time.

Does ZoDepot deliver internationally?

Not as of now. This is one of our long-term goals.

What is Refund Policy?

In case you wish to return the product that you have purchased from ZoDepot, they can be returned through the Refund Policy. However, only those products which are in original condition will be considered eligible for a return. Also, the goods would have to be returned within 15 days from the date of delivery. 

What about the products that are 'Out Of Stock'?

Products that are out of stock may not be available immediately. However, we provide you with the ‘Notify Me’ feature, by choosing which you will be informed once these products are available.

How can I benefit by creating a ZoDepot account?

By having an account at ZoDepot, you will not only have access to exciting discounts on all our products but also benefit from Member privileges.

What do I need to create a ZoDepot account?

Just by providing your e-mail ID, you can open your account on ZoDepot!